Super League Football 7 Peru already has the champion of the Apertura tournament

June 11, 2019

Peru’s biggest football league 7, Super League Football 7 met the great champion of the Apertura tournament last Thursday (6). After a month and a half of disputes, Lugano Football 7 won against Defender scoring 8 to 4 in the final. The Los Piolis team took third place.


The competition had four groups of five teams each. The finalists made good campaigns in the group stage and they got to the playoffs with high expectations. In the decision, Lugano Football 7 imposed its own rhythm and won against Defender with ease by 8 to 4.


In addition to having good public during the competition, the Super League also had its games broadcasted by the Movistar Sports channel. With the end of the Apertura tournament, the teams prepare for the next competition, expected to begin in the second half.


Photo: Jorge Delgado



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