Football 7 Awards. Vassoura (Brazil) enters history and is elected the best player in the world

January 4, 2019

The Football 7 Awards is the official award from the International Football 7 Federation to the top individual highlights of the season. The organization annually awards the award as a way to recognize the talent and brilliant performance of athletes, clubs and leagues in the international football 7 season. The award is delivered in 12 categories.




The Brazilian Vassoura is the best player in the world. The Brazilian athlete was the top scorer of the World Club Championship by Coritiba and champion of the Glass of the World of Fotball 7 by the Brazilian National Team. The player was the only athlete voted unanimously among all who voted in the election of the Football 7 Awards 2018. The performance impressed athletes, coaches, leaders and press from around the world. After the World Cup the athlete is speculated by Lazio (Italy), Avangard (Russia) and Sidekicks (Mexico) as possible reinforcement for major international football 7 competitions in 2019.




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