FIF7. New visual identity

November 9, 2018

The International Football 7 Federation announces the renewal of its visual identity. The measure comes with the goal of strengthening the brand itself and especially so that every international football community can identify the independence of the entity.


"We do not want to be a copy or stand in the shadow of any other institution in the world. We want to strengthen our relationship with other international organizations, but respecting what we are building and having an identity of its own is important for the whole community to understand who we are , which we do and what our objectives are.We hire one of the main agencies in Latin America to develop our visual identity.They have carried out a great study and we believe that in a very short time we will be recognized and remembered not only in football but in industry of international sport, "said Hugo Loureiro, CEO of FIF7.


At Football 7 World Cup next month all visual communication of the event will be the result of this work.




                            BEFORE                                                                  NEW LOGO



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