Defined the semifinalists of the Football 7 Centroamerica Cup

The Central American Cup of Soccer 7 is being held in Mexico City bringing together teams from 04 countries. The sixteen teams held 26 matches to qualify the 04 finalists in each category.


In the opening match of the quarterfinals of the men's category Meave (MEA) won the Yunque (MÉX) by 5x0. In the next duel the Huracán (GUA) won the Seven Bogota (COL) in the shoot-outs after tie in 5x5 in the regulation time.


In the third match the Sidekicks (MÉX) won the Warriors (MEX) by 8x3. In the last game of the day Pierinis (MÉX) made an exciting game against the Avengers (MÉX) and won in the shoot-out after a draw in 3x3.


On Sunday the teams play the semi-finals in the morning, while in the women's category the teams compete for the final round before the final.


10h - Sidekicks (MEX) x Hurricane (GUA)
11h - Pierinis (MÉX) x Meave (MÉX)
12h - Lionesses (MÉX) x White Lionesses
13h - JUVE MA (MÉX) x Anvil (MÉX)


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