Huracan (Guatemala) is looking for the title of the Central American Cup of Football 7

May 11, 2018


The Copa Centroamérica de Futebol 7 will bring together the most important teams in the region for the continent's most important club championship. Among the participants are big clubs and athletes of the 7 international soccer and the champion team secures a vacancy for the Football 7 World Club Championship in December in Brazil.


Huracan is one of Guatemala's top 7 soccer clubs. The team is the one who most participated in 7 international football competitions representing the country and once again will be in search of a title for their country. The art team of Guatemala's elite soccer team 7 had already participated in the Football 7 World Club Championship in December in Brazil.


All Guatemalan teams interested in participating in the event may contact the organizing committee and request a vacancy.




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