Three days left for the announcement of the winners of the Football 7 Awards

January 22, 2018

After a year full of high-level competitions in 2017 the 2018 season begins in style. In three days will be announced the winners in the male and female categories, of the Football 7 Awards. The highlight prize for the best athletes and clubs who participated in some FIF7 competition throughout the season.


This year for the first time the Football 7 Awards will award the women's category. With investment in women's competitions at the end of the season the FIF7 also makes room for the category highlights.


See who are the competitors of each category for the Football 7 Awards:






Best sub23 in the world
Sharol (Pinguinos Blancos / Peru)
Samira (International / Brazil)
Marina (Figueirense / Brazil)


Best female coach
André (Figueirense / Brazil)
Henrique Ramirez (Pinguinos Blancos / Peru)
Rodrigo Rocha (Brazilian National Team)


Best goalkeeper
Sharon (Pinguinos Blancos / Peru)
Luiza (Figueirense / Brazil)
Vanessa (Barcelona / Brazil)


Best of the world
Aninha (Figueirense / Brazil)
Emily "Peque" Flores (Pinguinos Blancos / Peru)
Adriana (Fenix ​​FC / Brazil)




Best Under 23 in the world
Jorge Ivan Moreno (National / Colombia)
Pedrinho (Chapecoense / Brazil)
Benjamin de la Cruz (Sidekicks / Mexico)


Best Coach in the World
Tequila (Sidekicks / Mexico)
Israel (Avaí / Brazil)
Marco Antonio Batata (Brazilian Selection)


Best goalkeeper in the world
Rodrigo Rocha (Chapecoense / Brazil)
Thiago Santos (Flamengo / Brazil)
Bernaldino (Sidekicks / Mexico)


Best of the world
Bogar Moreno (Sidekicks / Mexico)
Hugo Rodrigues (Sidekicks / Mexico)
Marcelo Fattori (Chapecoense / Brazil)



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