Football 7 Awards. FIF7 announces the list of the best in the world in the 2017 season

December 30, 2017


The Football 7 Awards is the biggest individual prize of the season football 7 international. The award takes place annually and indicates the best sportsmen in the world in the sport. Participants are indicated according to their performances in the national and international competitions that participated during the season. The award has been in place since 2011 and for the first time will also award the female category. The list of winners of the award will be announced on January 25.

The awards ceremony will take place in the city of Lima (Peru) on April 05.


Check the nominees in each category.






Best sub23 in the world
Sharol (Pinguinos Blancos / Peru)
Samira (International / Brazil)
Marina (Figueirense / Brazil)


Best female coach
André (Figueirense / Brazil)
Henrique Ramirez (Pinguinos Blancos / Peru)
Rodrigo Rocha (Brazilian National Team)


Best goalkeeper
Sharon (Pinguinos Blancos / Peru)
Luiza (Figueirense / Brazil)
Vanessa (Barcelona / Brazil)


Best of the world
Aninha (Figueirense / Brazil)
Emily "Peque" Flores (Pinguinos Blancos / Peru)
Adriana (Fenix ​​FC / Brazil)




Best Under 23 in the world
Jorge Ivan Moreno (National / Colombia)
Pedrinho (Chapecoense / Brazil)
Benjamin de la Cruz (Sidekicks / Mexico)


Best Coach in the World
Tequila (Sidekicks / Mexico)
Israel (Avaí / Brazil)
Marco Antonio Batata (Brazilian Selection)


Best goalkeeper in the world
Rodrigo Rocha (Chapecoense / Brazil)
Thiago Santos (Flamengo / Brazil)
Bernaldino (Sidekicks / Mexico)


Best of the world
Bogar Moreno (Sidekicks / Mexico)
Hugo Rodrigues (Sidekicks / Mexico)
Marcelo Fattori (Chapecoense / Brazil)


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