FIF7 officializes presents development plan and calendar 2018 counts on 20 competitions

December 27, 2017


The International Football Federation 7 presents a development plan for the sport, aiming to accelerate the growth of the sport and reach a larger number of countries. The planning foresees to have more than 2,000 athletes participating in the international season in 2018 and to bring knowledge about sports management to all continents.


The schedule of the organization counts on 20 sports competitions in 2018, disputed in five categories, the first being the Copa América de Seleções that returns to Lima (Peru), but this time there will also be the participation of women teams. Another great news is the change of the League of the Americas and the Copa Sudamericana to São Paulo (BRA), the largest city in South America, which will be held in five categories.


"The League of the Americas is an event that we will make a very high investment and we need a city with the capacity to receive our huge demand. There are more than 60 teams that will participate in the competition and this is the main air bridge in South America, "said Canaveris (president).


Two major events debuting in the international club calendar are the European Championship and the Central America Cup, which will give air tickets to the champions for the World Club Championship in Brazil.


From this year on, the World Club Championship will be played in a format similar to that of FIFA, with only six clubs participating in each category, bringing together continental champions, current champions and host country representatives.


There will be five club competitions and four national team competitions, the most important of which will be the World Cup which will be played in Brazil with the participation of 16 men's and 08 women's teams.


Copa América de Futebol 7
National Teams (Male and Female)
City: Lima (PER)
Checkin Date: April 06
Games: 07 to 09 of April
Check-out date: April 10

Central American Cup
Clubs (Men and Women)
City: Mexico City (MEX)
Check-in date: May 25
Games: 25 to 27 of May
Check-out date: May 28

League of the Americas + Copa Sudamericana
Clubs (Men and Women)
City: Sao Paulo (BRA)
Check-in date: August 16
Games: August 17 to 19
Check-out date: August 20

Nations Cup
National Teams (Male and Female) - Only invited countries
City: Sao Paulo (BRA)
Check-in date: August 16
Games: August 17 to 19
Check-out date: August 20

European Club Championship
Clubs (Men and Women)
City: Barcelona (ESP)
Check-in date: September 14
Games: 14th to 16th of September
Check-out date: September 16

Intercontinental Cup
National Teams (Male and Female) - Only invited countries
City: To be defined
Date: October / 2018

World Club Championship
Clubs (Men and Women) - Classified clubs only
City: Curitiba (BRA)
Check-in date: December 09
Games: December 8th through 10th
Check-out date:

National Teams (Men and Women) - Only countries classified
City: Curitiba (BRA)
Check-in date: December 10
Games: December 11 to 16
Check-out date: December 17


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