WORLD CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP - Check out the men's groups in the first phase of the competition

November 16, 2017

Between December 7 and 10 will be held in Curitiba the World Culb Championship of football 7. The competition will be played in the men's and women's categories, with the participation of more than 20 teams from 11 countries. In the men's category will be 16 clubs from 11 countries in search of the title. Record number in the history of the event of the most important clubs of the 7 international football.


In the first phase the teams will form 4 groups with 4 teams, classifying the top 02 in each group to the quarterfinals. From the second phase will be eliminatory games until the grand finale. in matches that will bring together great stars of the sport.


The technical department of the International Football Federation 7 held the draw of groups, in which the 04 participating Brazilian clubs were key heads. From the second phase of the competition it is mandatory the confrontation between teams from the same country, according to the general regulations of all international club competitions.


The women's category groups will be released next Monday (20).


The table will be released in the coming weeks.



Coritiba (Brazil)

Huracan (Guatemala)

Pucusana (Peru)

Orange Asti (Italy)



Atlético (Brazil)

Sidekicks (Mexico)

Champion (Paraguay) *

Atletico Nacional (Colombia)



Avaí (Brazil)

Fenix (Uruguay)

Racing (Argentina)

Colinas FC (Ecuador)



Chapecoense (Brazil)

Master League TM (Chile)

Delfin FC (Ecuador)

Malvin Club (Uruguay)



  1. It is mandatory to direct confrontation between teams of the same countries in the quarterfinals and semifinals.

  2. If there are no teams from the same countries classified, will be the first placed of a group against the second-placed in the other group indicated.

Quarter finals

J1 - Group A x Group B

J2 - Group B x Group A

J3 - Group C x Group D

J4 - Group D x Group C




J1 x J4

J2 x J3


* The Paraguayan champion will be known on November 30th.



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