Women's League of Peru is recognized by FIF7

September 18, 2017

After announcing that the 7 female football will be one of the priorities for the 2018 season, the International Football Federation 7 gained an important boost for the category. Recently, the largest women's soccer league 7 Peru - which has more than 100 teams, in several categories -, gained the recognition of the institution and, and is now part of the entity's affiliated leagues.


The F7 Women's Leagues (LF7) was founded by two athletes 7 women's football, who realized the need to create of competitions organized for the category, aiming mainly at eliminating the paradigms that keep women out of the sport. Currently, the league is Peru's biggest female soccer circuit 7 and has approximately 3,000 players in various categories.


The women's circuit provides three forms of participation. The championships, which have disputes between inter-colleges and inter-companies. The F7 academy, which collaborates in improving the technical and physical part of the athletes. Besides the famous Sunday games, that allow players who have not affiliated with any team can play matches with other athletes and still count on the help of the LF7 to get a team.


The women's league works in accordance with the Super League F7 Peru, which is already part of FIF7 and has one of the most organized competitions of the sport. Both modalities are already being prepared to dispute World Championship which will be held in December in Curitiba, Brazil.


It is coming World Championship 2017!!!


Entries for the 2017 edition of the world championship are already open. This year the competition will be held in Curitiba, Brazil, between December 7 and 10.  Any team from outside Brazil can register and the disputes will happen in two categories The expectation is that 500 athletes from outside the country are present, representing more than 20 teams. Join your friends and join in.


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