With highlights of the Argentine football team 7, Atlanta comes strong for the League of the Americas

July 13, 2017

Traditional football club of Buenos Aires, Atlanta will also be represented in soccer 7. The team is confirmed in the League of the Americas, which will be played in Buenos Aires between 14/07 and 16/07. The team enters the competition with an eye to the title and for this, will feature two highlights of the Argentine team of the sport.


For the dispute of the League of the Americas, Atlanta will feature Santiago Frean, shirt 10 who defended the Argentine team in the Copa América de Futebol 7, played in Peru earlier this year. In addition, the coach will be in charge of the team during the tournament. The team will debut in the League of the Americas on Friday (14) and the games will be played in annex to the stadium of Racing in Avellaneda.


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