Paraguay enters the family Football 7 World

April 7, 2017

Paraguay is one of the countries with the greatest tradition in South American football and has millions of soccer players 7, the most practiced sport on the continent. The country's biggest amateur football event promoter is the newest member of the F7W family (Football 7 World).

The Area Deportiva, organizing company of the Paraguay Cup and the F7 Evolution League will now manage the country's 7 national team and will accredit the representatives for the World Club Championship, which will be played in December in the city of Curitiba (Brazil). The Paraguay Cup is played in 20 cities and gathers more than 400 teams, while the F7 Evolution League has the 7th soccer elite in Asunción.

"We were delighted to tell the Area Deportiva as a new member of our family. We seek to bring together the largest promoters in each country and in this way to be able to develop our international project with a growing reach. Paraguay has always been a great power in South American football and will certainly be an important part of our group", said Fabian Canaveris, CEO of Football 7 World.






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