The Peruvian team was called to the Copa America Football 7

January 25, 2017

Peruvian soccer team was called to compete in the Copa América Football 7 to be played between March 16 to 20 in Lima. They called 20 players to defend the country in the fight for the title. Alfono Yanes and Jose Hernandes are in charge and they were called 20 players, besides them the Peruvian selected will also include Alfredo Carmona, historical idol of the Peruvian selection of professional soccer.

The Peruvian team will start training next week. This is the first time that the selection plays at home an official competition and the expectation is that people can fill the Arena Miraflores every day to support the selection in search of the Copa America. The team with more players named was the Academia, with 06 athletes, followed by the Defensor and the Universitario with 03 players each.

Great selections of soccer 7 and will be present the biggest stars of the sport in the field. Brazil will surely come with a team made up of international football 7 stars, while Mexico should come with Bogar Moreno, chosen as the best soccer player in the world in 2016. Tickets for the Copa América will go on sale in February.







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