Platense wins Boca Juniors in the decision and conquers the title of the third stage of the Circuit of the Americas

October 31, 2016

Held in Buenos Aires (Argentina), the third stage of the Circuit of the Americas Football 7 occurred in the last weekend. The competition brought together clubs from Uruguay and Argentina in the dispute Integracion Cup. In a very close contest, great forces of the sport were in the field and the decision was a classic of Argentine football, between Boca Juniors and Platense.


In the decision the game was very even and finished tied for 3x3, taking the decision to shot-outs dispute. The Platense took the best and won the title after winning 3-2. The top scorer was Daniel Licciardello (Platense) with 6 goals. The fourth circuit stage will contest in Mexico City in November and the final step will be in December in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).


Saturday (29) | Semifinal
Boca Juniors (ARG) 3 (3) x (2) 3 Burkina (URU)
Platense (ARG) 4 x 2 Malvin (URU)

Sunday (30) | Final
Burkina (URU) 6 x 3 Malvin (URU)
Boca Juniors (ARG) 3 (4) x (5) 3 Platense (URU)




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