LEAGUE OF AMERICAS – In group B, Foz NALE (BRA) and RCH (ECU) win and get closer to the classification

December 10, 2016

In the second round of Group B of the League of the Americas, Foz NALE (BRA) and RCH (ECU) recovered from the draw in the last game and won their games. The matches of the international competition take place at CFZ Zico, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. With the result, the two teams are in the top two positions of the group.


In the group's first game, Foz faced Napoli Terreón (MEX). It was a fierce match, but the Brazilians won by 5-2. The match between RCH and Nacional (URU) was more disputed. At the end of the 50 minutes, the Ecuadorians won by 5 to 4.


The next round takes place on Saturday night (10). The RCH plays against Napoli at 7pm, while Foz NALE faces the Nacional at 9pm. The matches will be at CFZ Zico, in Rio de Janeiro.



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