Copa Sudamericana - Sidekicks arrives with the objective of conquer the international title

October 13, 2016

One of the most traditional teams of the football 7 world will be in the dispute Copa Sudamericana. The competition will be held between 17 and 19 October in Lima, Peru, will be attended by four teams. Among them is the Sidekicks, one of the great teams of football 7 Mexican.


The Sidekicks was invited to participate in the Copa Sudamericana. The Mexican team has already participated in several international competitions and in 2014 made history by winning the runner-up of the League of the Americas and also second in the World Club Championship.


In addition to Mexico three other countries will be represented in the Copa Sudamericana. The Academia will be the host country of the club, Peru. Ecuador will be represented by Cuenca F7 / Trinka Niupi and Colombia at Bogota F7 / CDA.



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