COPA SUL - With unbeaten campaign Metropolitano / BMH invoice 1st stage of the Circuit of the Americas

June 3, 2016



The Metropolitano / BMH is the first champion of the Circuit of the Americas Football 7. In the 1st stage of the competition, held at the end of May in Brazil, the team won manner unbeaten the Copa Sul. In the campaign the team played seven games and racked up six wins and one draw. The next stage of the circuit will be the Cupa Verde in Goiania in Brazil.


In one of the toughest groups of the first stage of the Copa Sul, the Metropolitano moved forward with the best of Key D campaign with eight points in three games. Yet it was in the knockout phase of the team confirmed the good time. With great technique and focused players, the team overcame opponents of octaves, fourths and semifinals conceding just two goals. In the final, before the Foz Fut7, the cast again showed determination and won 6-3, winning the trophy.


In the Metropolitano company he scored 33 goals and conceded only 11 in seven matches. Check out the champion of campaign:


1st Round – Metropolitano 3 x 2 AABBOC/RS
2nd Round – Metropolitano 7 x 5 Madeira/SC
3rd Round – Metropolitano 1 (1) x (0) 1 AABB/SC
8s Finals – Metropolitano 10 x 1 Jaraguá Mineração Veiga
4s Finals – Metropolitano 2 x 0 Figueirense
Semifinals – Metropolitano 6 x 1 AABB/SC
Final – Metropolitano 4 x 1 Foz Fut7



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