COPA SUL - Veneno / Paula Ramos winning the female category

June 2, 2016

The Veneno team / Paula Ramos gave no chances to their opponents and won the title of the Copa Sul, the women's category, undefeated. The cast won the three matches of the competition and the final applied a thrashed for 10-1 on Elas de Ouro.


The Copa Sul was the first women's competition organized with the official seal of Football 7 Worldwide. Four teams competed in the 1st stage of the Circuit of the Americas. With a group of players very technical, the team was superior in every game and confirmed the title with 100% success.


In three games, the athletes Veneno / Paula Ramos scored 17 goals and conceded just one.


Check out the campaign of champions:


1st Round - Veneno/ Paula Ramos 5 x 0 Kaza Nova
2nd Round - Veneno/ Paula Ramos 2 x 0 Triunfo Independente
Final - Veneno/ Paula Ramos 10 x 1 Elas de Ouro




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