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International Football Federation 7 opens affiliation process

The International Football Federation 7 has opened membership process for sports leagues promoters of sporting events and sports federations for the 2018 season. Members have numerous benefits and has the opportunity to be part of the calendar of the organization's international competitions.

In this season nine events and more than twenty competitions are already marked. Check out the options for joining FIF7:

Option 1 - Associates (managers and national sports companies)

- Countries that do not have affiliated sports entities can be associated

Option 2 - Affiliates (sports organizations)

- To be an affiliate member, it is necessary to be a sports entity legally constituted and that develops proactively football 7 projects in your country

Option 3 - International official partners (companies)

- Companies promoting events International football 7 can be official partners of FIF7.

For more information or to join FIF7, click here.



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